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Beverage Development Companies

The beverage industry is a multibillion dollar industry that serves millions of consumers across the globe. The business of creating a beverage and taking it to market can be a complex process to handle alone. Fortunately, beverage development companies can help take new beverages from the incorporeal world of ideas to the corporeal world of sales by using vast resources and industry expertise to integrate market research through each step of product development. The following is an overview of how beverage development companies keep store shelves stocked with the beverages you know and love.

Research and Development
Energy drinks, probiotic shots, nutritional beverages, beer, and soda; there are many different types of beverages on the market today, but the one thing they all have in common is that they had to be formulated by someone. Beverage formulation specialists have access to a wealth of resources, including state of the art laboratory equipment and a plethora of ingredients to choose from. By combining market trending ingredients with bold new formulas, beverage development companies are able to stay up to date with the ever evolving beverage industry.

Beverage Packaging
When a consumer is confronted with a wall of beverages, it’s up to them to decide what to buy. Beverage packaging can be designed with a target market in mind to help the consumer make a decision in the beverage company’s favor. Bottles, cans, cartons, and pouches are just some of the forms beverage packaging can take. The chief concern of the manufacture is how well their choice of packaging preserves the flavor profile of their beverages and whether it’s cost effective for a particular beverage niche. Plastic, glass, and paper each come with their own pros and cons, and it’s up to the beverage developer to decide which medium is best for their business.

Beverage Label Design
The label needs to be able to communicate a beverage’s benefits in a relatively short amount of time if a beverage is to be successful on the market. Designing attractive packaging that resonates with a target market is the best way to secure sales in this competitive industry. Effectively managing information real estate on the label, being aware of government label requirements, and choosing label stock that can withstand a wide variety of moisture and temperature conditions are just some of the concerns companies need to be aware of when designing their labels. The best label designers know how to use color, typography, and aesthetics to play off the psychological cues of the target market, and use market testing to ensure that packaging sells before it hits store shelves.

Bottom Line
Beverage development is a complex field, and beverage companies both new and old can stand to benefit from the expertise of an experienced beverage consultant. Taking a beverage from conception to production does not have to be undertaken alone, because many beverage development companies have existing resources they can use to help new companies bring their products to market.